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Sunbed Courses

Please note that all sunbed courses are non-refundable and non-transferable


£20.00 per Tanning session

£80.00 for five 20 minute sessions

(£18.00 per Session)

£150.00 for ten 20 minute sessions

( £15.00 per 20 minute session)

Ergoline Prestige

£1.00 per minute

£40.00 for 50 minutes (80p per minute)

£60.00 for 80 minutes (75p per minute)

£70.00 for 100 minutes (70p per minute)

Mixed Course £70

40 minutes Ergoline
2x 20 minute sessions SunAngel

Sienna X Spray Tan £25.00

A quick easy way to a natural looking tan. Choose from a selection of percentages, a natural glow to a deep bronze glow.

Spray Tan for men £25.00

Men, there’s no shame in wanting to look your best. Whether you want a healthy holiday glow or a more defined physique, a 10 minute spray tan can enhance your skin, boost your confidence and make you feel and look great.