Male Grooming


Male Manicure – £25

Nails are filed and cuticles are treated followed by a hand massage.

Male Pedicure – £32

Place your feet into a warm mineral foot bath which will cleanse and deodorize. Your nails will be shaped and cuticles treated. Hard skin will be removed followed by a smoothing sugar scrub. Relax whilst a rich lotion is massaged into your feet.


Eyebrows – £12.50

Hot Wax Nostril – £14

Hot Wax Ears – £12

Hot Wax Underarms – £15

Back – £27.50

Hot Wax Back – £37.50

Chest – £30

Hot Wax Chest – £37.50

Back & Shoulders – £30

Hot Wax Back & Shoulders  – £37.50

Back & Chest – £55

Hot Wax Back & Chest – £62.50


Prices are available on consultation. 

Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of intense pulsed light to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body! It takes minutes and lasts years!

Prices are per session or buy a course of 5 sessions and receive 6. Combination courses receive a further 10% discount.  A free consultation and patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to treatment.