Semi-Permanent Make-up

Just imagine being able to wake up first thing in the morning, or step out of the shower or gym, perfectly made up without a smudge in sight. At The Beauty of Weybridge we can arrange just that, we can create the treatment to suit your individual requirements.

The technique for applying semi-permanent make-up is perfectly safe and is approved by doctors. It involves applying natural, hypoallergenic pigments to the skin, where it can remain for up to 5 years.

These treatments are specifically designed and recommended for:

Sparse or non-existent eyebrow hair, those wanting lasting definition, Eyesight problems, hindering make-up application, scars on eyebrows,
Allergic reactions to make-up pencils, Alopecia sufferers and to Improve lip definition.

Semi-permanent Make-up Treatments

Eyebrows £395.00
Lip liner £395.00
Top lid eyeliner £295.00
Bottom lid eyeliner £275.00
Eyeliner Top & Bottom lids £425.00
Phi Brows Microblading £375.00
Beauty Spot £135.00

All top ups within 12 months £150.00

All semi-permanent make-up treatments require a patch test. Contact us now to arrange your free consultation and patch test and for bookings. A make-up portfolio is available in the salon; please come in to browse.